The intro.

I am 26 years old and I have dreaming about being a Mom for as long as I can remember. Caring entirely for someone so small and precious is what I think God put me on this Earth to do. I grew up in Pennsylvania with an abundance of family to raise and love me. After high school I reunited with Jordan, long-time friend and future Daddy to Baby Avery. He is the strongest, most considerate, hardest working man I could ever meet. I would have followed him anywhere but college took us to Wilmington, North Carolina and full time work brought us to Augusta, Georgia where we are settled for a bit to buy a house and start our family. 

I’m writing this story for Avery. For him, to him, about him in every way. It’s all for him. It’s all so that I can imagine him in heaven reading my words (if my words are any good to belong in heaven) and proudly saying, “That’s my mom. She’s mine and I love her so.”

He is the greatest love I’ve ever known.

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